a flickering butterfly

i have new drawers that weigh more than a freight train. but are so very beautiful. they, and my other new furniture gifts to me from me, and from my boy, will live in my studio. i think maybe thats what i need to focus on. getting our house made bigger. the builders are all on holidays im assuming....and its a bit tricky.... only because its been so hot around here and i just want to go float in some salty water in the ocean at fremantle. weve delayed our holidays because it just didnt seem to be coming together,,... im so bad at planning holidays (or anything) i wish my boy would do it. but he wont. probably because he finds it hard to move being the rock that he is (metapyhsically speaking, or something like that).
anyway... the beach.

maybe we could go to fremantle once all the school hoilday people go home? perth is so far has always been the problem with perth..even when we lived there. its a big shame,....because its a beautiful place. a clean warm beach is all i need.

i went and brought more new fabric yesterday. i cant help it. i really want to be sewing myself some new beautiful fine clothes. the kids brought themselves little purse making kits with money that uncle anthony and aunty anne gave them. so cute. and excellent because we got to use our new unused glue gun. see- i did need one. veda shared my joy about having a glue gun. thats my girl.

this is my new chair my boy gave me for christmas. now that i think of it, its funny. because im always so flippy floaty...ready to run off into the neverland at any minute, no wonder he gave me a chair. sit down! or maybe he finally understands my tiredness. here honey ..sit down..relax. im awful. .. . .... i think he really just wanted to buy me a nice chair in excitement about me having my own new space to create in.

so its the 4th of january already. my heart is skipping little beats every now and then in a little panic that the days are flying past me faster than i like. that im not living in sync with time. i cant keep up with it. why do i care anyway. the kids are just happy that it is a new day to play in. on. around. amelie just told me shes 7.45 am. im thinking she should start eating more food. she's turning fussier god help me.

ok...time for a coffee i feel.
kids are awake on the couch in the kitchen, coco kitten is running around the house psycho because thats what she does.
friday. hmmmmmm i wonder what this friday holds for me and us?
i wish for new clothes today.

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