comings and goings

sometimes life happens so fast im left sitting in a dishevelled state with a pool of dust around me wondering what in the world just happened.

well its not like that. but sort of.

i wonder how the above translates into japanese?

ive asked the kids for ten minutes peace to just sit here and write something. ten minutes? how long is ten minutes they ask. and funnily. the minute i actually ask for ten minutes...which is usually never or when im desperate. it has the opposite effect and the kids cannot resist saying mum. even in a whisper voice. mummmm.

they are quiet.

so at 8 minutes already...
i had lots of photos to show but blogger couldnt cope with the load, so i tried only one and it worked. my mum is moving up to our farm. how very exciting it will be to have her just down the driveway.
and so it's goodbye to our old house. her and dads home.
goodbyes and hellos.
goodbyes werent meant to be easy .
my little Sindri is feeling sad ..about goodbyes... and more....and to cut a long story short, we are keeping him home from school for the last term of grade prep. and maybe even beyond.
we have been having some happy days playing with melinda and hana. it will be very surreal when they go back to japan soon. im sure we will be left wondering were they really here, like a dream.. time is a strange thing. not to mention life itself.
oh gee i can hear veda in the kitchen rollerskating , banging into cupboards and walls. we already have one rollerskate hole in the hallway wall. im trying not to be a grouch , but jeepers girl. cant you stop before you crash!
if i could show you some more photos i would show you the beautiful flowering cactus type plant i got at the local farmers market from an old lady selling her potplants. it had the most beautiful pink flower but it only lived for two days. that kind of irritated me but also made me love it even more.
i would also show you my henna-ed hands, or melindas actually her photo is nicer ;-)
now they are fading. the feeling of having henna beautifully decorating my hands is such a warm , happy, wonderful feeling. henna - love. maybe one day that is all i will do. henna people. id like that.
and i was also going to show you the photos of the day when we stumbled across the castlemaine steiner school spring fair. it was by some great luck for us that we went to a garage sale with a secret magical garden behind it, with elderly people talking about the steiner fair they were on their way to. so off we went, totally excited. and it was sooooo very fun to be there. together. with our girls.
well my ten minutes is well and truly over. amelie stands here beside me asking for something to eat. i had better go whip up something for tea.... any suggestions?
oh and by the way....
say hell0. to me.
i like hello.
just not goodbye.


Loretta said...

Helloooooooooo.... x x x x

Suse said...


Lucky you, having your mum close by.