we've had our little hana staying with us for a bit. and for that little bit she has captivated us ......with her duckaduckaducka and we all want to pick her up and squeeze her tight. amelie wants to keep her, she told me today. sindri likes to kiss her and veda likes to carry her on her hip like a mummy. murray scares the hell out of her. me. well i could keep her here too. and her mumma.
mums 70th birthday party. the drought tried to break. just for the night of the party. it was so funny (to me) and so fun.
melinda made her the coolest 70th birthday cake ever.
my brothers decorated and partied and had so much fun. i love brothers.

life comes and goes. so much anticipation, and you blink and then it is gone. and a new thought, a new moment is there. again and again...
i have one little boy who really doesnt want to be at school anymore.
i have one stiff shoulder.
im waiting for something else to focus on now.
i really love having my sis and her bub so close.
i like the weather now. warm, sometimes cool, sometimes windy, even sometimes raining. but not extreme. i dread extreme heat. with no beach.
and my garden. oh my god. i now have four gingko trees hanging out in pots in my garden. and i mean trees..tall trees. happy me.
and my garden is growing happily. i'm going to love to meet all the giant sunflowers i have planted.
hmm .. so anyway, last night i watched babel. tonight i hired paris, je t'aime. i may have been a little ambitious to think i could sit up late watching a whole movie two nights in a row. but once i watch a dvd that i like...i get excited and remember that its fun to watch movies.
anyway..babble alright.. goodnight. off to try to watch another whole movie.

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Loretta said...

Ohhh, so much fun it was...rain, family, laughing, so coool.. x x