friday again

how did that happen? a whole week just flew by.

hmmmm...... and im awake after midnight for the first time in quite awhile. ive been falling asleep in the kids beds lately. i cant resist their wanting to be snuggled to sleep. and then i find my way back to my own bed at about this time. only to be found again in a few hours time by amelie and sometimes veda. i want,//.. but i think maybe I also need a king sized bed.

why , when i go to post here do i always start talking about sleep. ? weird.

anyway. off the sleep topic.

tonight i watched the pursuit of happyness with will smith and his son. ive borrowed it at least three times to watch, and tonight i finally did , so hooray for me, and it was sad and i liked it. but was sad. and made me want to go bundle up my kids and not let go. ever.

im having a letting go dilemna with the kids i think. they are growing so fast, how am i ever going to let them go. this week veda went to camp for two nights...the longest ive ever been away from her in her nine years, and luckily i was distracted by the blissfull arrival of my sister and her gorgeous baby girl.... or i would definitely have been a mental case...or i would have driven to the camp...which was just down the road ;-) .

on the making front, i did manage a new gocco print of a raining little happy cloud. i made it just the right size to make little cloud badges. hang on i will see if i have a photo to show you.. oh nope,, i did have a photo but blogger is having a problem with uploading photos...will show you another day.

i started writing a book tonight. a novel. when its finished i will let you know ;-)

oh dear... i know.... i have a serious unable to stay focused on one thing problem. its fun though.

oh here we go ...blogger is happy photo are my little cloud badges. a bit cute i think. now what will i do with them? im thinking little cloud printed tshirts too.
see. i need four of me.

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