outside my kitchen window is this tree, and in this tree sat my new bird friend. so bright and beautiful. there are two of them...rosellas? they have decided to call my garden home for now. thankyou !
this is where all the energy and action has been going...
the new dairy . . . and
now it works hip hip hooray!
one of the women
i could photograph skies forever...and i do it seems...
i caught a glimpse of what's yet to come
so its been a crazy month (or year or two) here.. and finally the move has happened from gigantic farm to our own relatively little farm and dairy. a little breath out. a cow kicked murray and nearly broke his elbow..but apart from that... the dairy worked last night for the first time with the blessings of a new moon im sure. it then poured rain just for a bit. which my new plants enjoyed. yesterday i went plant shopping to avoid cleaning our house. sensible i agree.

and today our house plans arrived by email coincidentally. im enjoying watching the way energy moves in out and around me.

seeing all the kids things scattered and uncared for in their rooms is irritating me so much i think i may drive to melbourne for a day to get some way of storing them properly. the fact that my own bedroom is resembling a storage unit with a bed plonked on top is not very good either...considering how much we need peaceful sleep at the moment.. and considering how much i am not getting it. a bit difficult with a three year old amelie that loves to sleep on top of me...preferably my head. and if i try to go sleep somewhere else..she knows i have moved and either yells or comes to find me in the dark of the night. love.

lunch time. kids home from school of course. and you know what? today i was digging in the garden at about 8am of course... planting baby carrots and tomatoes...and i dug a hole with a hand shovel and out jumped a frog! scared the hell out of me!

p.s 3 more sleeps until they are here ... woo hoooooo!

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Loretta said...

woohoo the dairy is done, so cool, cow kicked muzz? naughty girl, no doubt he kicked her straight Yes 3 more sleeps, can't wait.... x x x x x