suns a shinin

yep its spring time. the days are beautiful, warm sunshine with a cool spring breeze. perfect for just pottering around the garden. pulling out weeds, planting more native bushes, without the worry of snakes being in the garden. that comes in a few more weeks. though they could definitely be out and about now. i dread snake time on the farm.

ive got some vegie seedlings to plant, cherry tomatoes yellow zucchinis- im hoping to get sindri eating these...he has a problem with green, but doesnt mind yellow. he hee... so hopefully that plan will work. and also some lettuce and parsley. ive planted giant sunflowers everywhere in the garden. if they all come up and survive it will be a magical land of giant sunflower beings.

now i just have to wait wait wait for the water to run freely through the hose so i can water the new additions to the garden. imagine not having any clean water to drink. i cant imagine. and i whinge about not being able to water my garden. always something to whinge about. or be happy about.

anyway... not much making going on. veda made a cover for her pillow with the overlocker. seems she has a heavy foot like her mumma. lucky girl ;-) and she also made pancakes today with not much help. how big she grows when she learns to do something new on her own.

tomorrow is my boys birthday. we got him some new sandals that hopefully will fit. sindri tried them on and its hard to imagine that his little foot may grow to that (giant) size one day.

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melindatrees said...

happy birthday murray.i hope it pours rain all day for you.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx