boot walking

i really love wearing my boots. i feel like a little girl tramping around in gum boots. so today that is what i'm doing. and this here is a skirt i rushed together awhile ago..that somehow fits ok , with no zip and no elastic. i pull it up and on and it sits on my hips and doesnt fall off. i made a skinny belt to tie it onto my body with but god knows where that is now...luckily the skirt is happy without it.
i like golden fabric. i like wrinkled fabric too. and my red print goes nicely with both of the above .

the garden is calling me, the sewing machine is calling me, Amelie is calling me, the need to find a builder is calling me, and there is a birthday dinner party for 5 to be organised for tonight. better get off the computer then.


melindatrees said...

cute love already thinking what i can swap you for it.that is, if you can get it off?

manda said...

have to update to say that by the end of the day ...the so called happy skirt was starting to hang a bit scarily lower than my hips. might have to go find that belt. and how about you bring your whole wardrobe this time minda ;-) swapping....absolutely.