one more day

invitations are ready to go to school tomorrow with veda for her 9th birthday party. and its a slumber one. a ha. they are meant to be little vedaBABushka dolls in sleeping bags. hmm, not quite, more like melinda looking girls in spotted veil bags. oh well and dear. it is almost midnight again, i was meant to be sleeping two hours ago. soon.
so holidays thank the goddess of happy days :-)
im so tempted to just keep them home tomorrow, veda has a horrible i hate public swimming pools, but there are invitations to be given to friends. im so excited for her, my baby girl who is almost 9 years old. oh god. i must be getting older.
today we had a school bus drama. ie.. the kids were meant to be on it and they weren't.
did i freak out? probably not as much as i should have. will i put them on the bus again? not any time soon. tonight im thinking they are just too little to be on a bus without me or their dad or someone big, looking out for them.
sleep is needed.


Loretta said...

Oh my heart would have missed a beat for sure, where were they, did they miss the bus? Birthday parties....funnnn...sleep

melindatrees said...

better get hana a sleeping bag:-) cutee invitation, the girls must be so excited.bus- jeepers, our phone call jixed it.