i should be asleep

i want to gocco print some fabric inspired by a tshirt i saw on brad pitt and angelina ballerinas beautiful boy in some trashy magazine i read sometimes when i feel lazy and cant be bothered thinking.
the same picture also inspired me to go googling about adoption. a friend of mines friend has just had a baby girl. oh god..i dont know whether this love of little babies i have ever goes away or just becomes something else that doesnt require me to breed forever.
im hoping the latter. mostly because im tired. and may turn insane. and im building a studio. a baby wont let me play in there. will they? nooooooo
so anyway. my current list is LONG. and its getting exciting around here. thankgoodness it is school holidays in two more sleeps. theres stuff to do. and people to play with. and visitors coming. and parties to plan. and a new dairy that needs to work smoothly and and and...boxes to pack and the list is long and nice, yep its a nice list. except for the dentist bit. aagh.
and by the way, tonight i made close to perfectly delicious lasagne. it was a fluke but nevertheless, delicious.

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