little dress big top

i dont like sewing patterns but i wish i could sew clothes that have a shape that works, in the right size. - without using a pattern. theres a big amount of chance in the clothes i make. but for some reason..i like it that way.
a new little spring dress. or top. depends who wears it. i think it will be for my friends little girl ..charlotte, who is about to be one year old. i know a few one year olds. what an exciting age to be.
the dress is probably more an 18 month old size... but its one of those grow with you piece of clothing. hopefully charlottes mama likes it enough to see it on her babe for an extended period of time . .. . .. . . .

in other news.. i have boxes. and how therapeutic it is to pack the house into them. that is...after i get the kids out of them.
and i dont know if i like the dress actually. that trim at the bottom, while i really like it..i just cant seem to use it in a way that i like. it doesnt really belong anywhere. so i just put it there anyway.


melindatrees said...

if that dress had a name i think charlotte would fit pretty well :-)
and why are you packing?

manda said...

im starting this house all over again if i possibly can.