i lay on the couch last night, hardly able to keep my eyes open. i didnt actually,.. i closed them and pulled a blanket over my head. i let the whirlwind of thoughts make its way across my brain space. i caught a few of them.... thinking its going to be this busy for another year least... thinking about all those so very cute moments from the day..when i sometimes wish i could press print somewhere on my body and capture that amazing image in my head... and then thinking i should just fall asleep in bed instead of on the couch and so off i went.

now im awake at 6 am. nothing feels the same as a long night of undisturbed sleep. l o v e i t .

amelie is also feeling the same, so shes here colouring my photocopied drawings. she is the colouring in bandit. if you dare to leave a drawing unattended you will return to find it lovingly coloured in , in one colour. half of my sketch pad is my drawings..coloured by amelie. now i photocopy them for her to colour. add make a colouring book to my list of things to do one day.

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