Amelie can i take your photo?

today I made the kids day by giving them a packet of popcorn and 'shapes' for their play lunch for school. they got out of the car telling me how much they looooved me and that im the best mum in the world. very funny. and scary. scary because them having junk for play lunch makes them feel like a normal school kid.
Amelie and I then came home to hang out, (I finished her 'twirling dress'...) mow the lawn, eat some easter eggs we found in the car yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm so exciting for both of us.
I planted a wattle tree and a tea tree type bush. I started the day by telling my boy that I needed to duplicate myself five times. I cant do all the things i want to do and its frustrating me.
and now i sit here craving thai food. can i be bothered driving 35 kms there and back to get it? i doubt it. but what are we going to eat for tea? jamie oliver where are you? i need youuuuuuuu.


Loretta said...

what an eerie picture, when u have finished with jamie can you send him to my okace.. x x

Loretta said...

lol place that is..