fuzzy sunday

veda love

i could have easily spent the day on the couch soaking up the warmth of our wood heater, dreaming and snoozing. i didnt though. instead we went out and ate delicious pasta and pizza for lunch and then went ten pin bowling. i like sundays alot. a funky market filled with old treasures and nice handmade and grown things and i would have been in heaven.

and then the afternoon was a bit like.... are we really moving? really?

and then tonight i got a call from my adorable aunty anne. it was a surprise. a nice surprise. i wish i could have given her a big hug down the phone line..or invited her over for a coffee. :-(
she reminded me about being sure about the place we are going to move to. its something i worry about, but then i think we will know when we find it. im not moving until i know its right. can you remind me of that? ive waited long enough to be moving to a place where we both want to be.

i know i said to my sister no more gocco-ing because could take me 6 months to pack up this place. but i have a drawing on the table calling me to print it. its midnight. dont be silly manda...go to bed.

i didnt go to bed. you want to know what i did? i got caught up looking through my photos on the computer and after seeing my sweet hana-pie i then went to the cupboard and brought back to the computer with me a block of caramello chocolate. comfort eating . yes. did it comfort me about the fact that they are in japan and i am here? no. did it taste nice? um. yep.


Loretta said...

chocolate, moving, hana, warm heaters, printing, children, anxiousness, packing, japan, melinda, yep says it all, hugs manda. x x x x

sugarloop© said...

thank you for dropping by my blog and the lovely comment :)
keep gocco'ing your work is lovely :)
i have a seven month old bub and you're right, if i wasn't chasing after her, i would be constantly printing, too!