this weekend i......
made a quilt for a new little baby girl Sienna, a cousin for our 3 chickadees.
made a skirt for Veda by tracing the pattern off another of her skirts that she will wear.
took the kids to see baby Sienna in hospital..she was one day old. and so so so little. i could have held her all night. except amelie and sindri also wanted to be on top of me.
ate thai takeaway for tea and lunch the next day. oh so good. today i declared thai chicken green curry (hot) would be my last meal on earth if i could choose.
went to see sindri play at auskick... dressed in his football outfit looking oh so cute.
did a lot of knitting of my scarf. its a scarf because that is all i can knit.
mowed the lawn late this afternoon in a late energy burst. and then went on a bike ride with the kids. my legs nearly died on the way.
there is no wonder why i fall into bed at night..or more accurately, don't want to get out in the morning.

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Loretta said...

energy...i'll say. what a busy and great mum you are. x x x