the colours of my pastels

once upon a time i really loved to draw with oil pastels. i drew and drew and drew...i really loved the texture, the colours, the smell. i have my tin of pastels sitting in a (dusty) corner of my bedroom, probably sadly waiting for me to pick them up again.
maybe one day. or maybe not.
here are some of my pastel drawings. i'd like to get them made into smaller sized prints. or even
maybe one day. or maybe not.
it was nice to open my folio and find all these drawings, like meeting up with old friends or maybe more like finding an old piece of clothing i used to love to wear.


melindatrees said...

god give them to me and i will wear them! those poor pastels must feel so lost sitting in that dusty with them some more.

Loretta said...

with the beautiful drawings you do, such a shame the pastels are in a box that is going dusty....