Today I cut my hair and dyed my hair black. I really should put myself in handcuffs when I get in these moods. I can feel it coming and then I succumb to the urge to do something silly. My hair copped it today. Luckily it's just a rinse so I need to go on a hair washing frenzy and it should fade to a not so scary shade in about a week. And it was too long anyway. Driving me crazy actually.

So anyway. It has been a really intense week involving sudden heart surgery for my father in law, and so an unplanned trip to Melbourne for a week, kids feeling the intensity of all around them and not knowing what to do with the emotions. We got home and I slept for many many hours. We are now finding our way back to equilibrium?... today the kids just played and played all day. I had an urge to paint lots of pink dots but I just didn't get there unfortunately.

I'm happy tomorrow is Sunday.

So anyway I thought maybe I should post a photo of something I have made. . .since my profile says I make. It should read -I imagine that I make.

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