it keeps on comin'

the drama that is.
Today our cat Millie got bitten by a snake and almost died in front of me. I was hanging out the washing ( I was going to go shopping today but decided to stay home and do some housey type jobs...which is very unlike me..) and Millie ran up to me and just flopped in front of my feet on the grass. She looked dead. Thank goodness Murray was home, he came and picked her up, wrapped her in a towel, whilst I freaked myself and also the kids out. We jumped in the car with Millie in the back, in Vedas washing basket, whilst Murray rang the vet to tell them we were coming.
So the whole way I'm trying not to speed..but I did anyway.. and thinking the worst, that she had died already.
Ten minutes later we are at the vet, I dread to open the boot but do and she's alive..just. I take her in.. the vet gets her out and poor Millie looks so sad. Her tongue was hanging out and it was horrible. After we confirmed that it looked like it was a snake had bitten her, I was shocked when the vet asked me what do I want her to do?- Well go and try save her of course!
So I left her there with the vet. Poor little Amelie when she sees me cry she gets so sad. She's mumma's girl very much at the moment.
So we got a call a few hours later and Millie had been given anti venom and is on a drip and is going to be ok it seems. She's one lucky cat. unlucky but lucky. Our other cat Spotty has been thru this also. Seriously. Snakes. Urghhhhhhhhh. And seriously, all the horrible-ness going around here at the moment. Enough already.
Tonight there is an amazing thunderstorm lighting up the sky. It's more a lightning storm. It's beautiful. If only it would, dare I ask, rain.
Oh and also I think our television has died, and has taken with it the dvd player. Yep.
Some good news? Surely I must have some.....hmmmm.//....umm.....,,..,,
....... um......I still have my sense of humour. not news I know, but it's good. when it's gone i may as well plant myself out the back in the garden.

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