o pain

after a few days of weaving our way through the craziness of melbourne we are happily back home. unfortunately veda brought home with her, a sore ear. :-( my sweet big but still little girl. we went to the doctor and have medicine that will hopefully hurry up and work.

sindri brought home with him a gigantic white teddy bear that was once his BIG cousin-williams. sindri loves its bigness. its almost as big as him and definitely at least twice his lean bodies width. it's in bed with him at the moment.

amelie also brought home a bright green teddy bear from her BEAUTIFUL cousin rebecca. i don't know what is going on but i've never seen so many teddy bears in our house ever. amelie brought on this phenomenon . and they are all called teddy.

i brought home lots of happy thoughts about my little brother...we stayed with him and his sweetness is inspiring. ...andddd i also brought home a bag full of surprises. surprises that sparkle and surprises that are verry loud..and some surprises that smell divine.

so my family are all in bed..veda in my bed with murray. i don't know how i will move her back to her bed. i don't think i can..or want to. as much as i was looking forward to sleep in my own bed. it looks like it is the futon couch for me tonight. i just hope he doesnt roll over and bang her in the ear!!!OUCH.... it could quite possibly happen he's so dead when he sleeps.

school starts in a few days. i dread the thought. maybe veda won't be well enough to go? ;-)

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melindatrees said...

how are her ears?? dont go popping anything too close to them :-)