as you wish

last night i had reallly horrible dreams. which in itself isn't so surprising...i have always been an intense dreamer. but lately they have been scary and sad and horr i ble. i think i'm two things. ultra tired. and my mind is too full. so many ideas and thoughts all mixed up/ i have a mini tornado going oninside as i try to shoosh it up so i can be a calm happy mama for my three kids. and murray..well he usually cops the tip of the tornado :-(.
i got my christmas cards back from now i will be able to send them to their rightful owners. i'm not keeping them here for easter ;-) or christmas this year....they will definitely get lost in the rubble. so i'm just going to surprise our friends with an unexplained, very late christmas card. that will reaffirm all their thoughts of me. :-)


melindatrees said...

fly this way....
beautiful drawing :->

Loretta said...

Mandaaaa, that picture is beautifullllll, can u send it to me with my christmas card??? lol x x x x