for some unknown to me reason i can't post a photo tonight. which is a shame because it's christmas and i have some colourful christmas photos. it's all very bright and shiny and colourful and energised here at home. the kids flutter around me all day...they have been chasing butterflies in the garden. there has been much list writing happening and i have been attempting to cook. it's something that seems to me like it should be relatively easy. but i always seem to forget something...that or the recipe is not the whole recipe- you know like the ones my mum gives...that are so vague and are always missing a bit of this or a spoon of that.
i found out tonight that most of my christmas cards have gone in a parcel i sent to my sister in japan. she received her parcel and many christmas cards today. how funny is that. now i know that the postman is doing a fine's just my brain that is a muddled mess half the time. i will still send them when they return. late , yes, but i made them with a lot of love and patience. i have to send those well travelled cards.
so tomorrow is christmas eve..i've decided i'm going to try to sleep in. yes..try. and then i'm going to have a wonderful excited day with these three indescribably gorgeous children and my sweet hearted boy. of course there will also be some reindeer food making. today amelie asked whether i would like to sit on santas knee?

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