cheesecake bliss

Christmas was a really sweet day.
Sweet with love and togetherness and happy children and sweet food and quietness at home together. Sweet with my mum and brother visiting us in our post lunch-time tiredness. Sweet with the pure magic of our children.
In the afternoon I went outside to water my gingko in a pot and I found this flower. A present from my garden. I planted this magnolia about 7 years ago and it has lived on the brink of death for all of those years. It is mostly dried up leaves. Here on Christmas day it gives a perfect, beautiful white flower. I filled with joy when I found it. Awesome.
Today, boxing day as it is called, is the discovery of new games, new adventures for their imaginations. Cleaning up, putting away...all at a very relaxed pace. Coming down from the hectic, excited month it has been. It is also of course, cheesecake for breakfast. Pudding for lunch, and I don't know what for tea. Lollies if the kids had their way.
And I can't help it, but the thoughts of what is next are already popping up. Next week, new year, next year.......

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