too early

at 6am Amelie opens her eyes and starts whineing-seriously it's a high pitched whine... for me to get up and get her some food- porridge or bubbles (rice) or pancakes-wishful thinking unless its Sunday! I try everything to not have to get up...but she gets louder and louder and then wakes up Sindri and Veda. Grrr. . And as beautiful as the view can be out my bedroom window.. with the sun shining through our wattle tree...I'd rather not see it at that time of day. Not regularly anyway. By 10am I am so grumpy. My current stiff neck and shoulder isn't helping. A divine green curry at the Thai restaurant tonight might help ;-).
The Melbourne Cup gave Veda a legitimate reason to be home today with us...no kids went to school. the kids have spent most of the day colouring pokemon pictures. . . me, I can almost smell the sea breeze ...........aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.


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that is a beaaaaautiful photo