Happy right feet last year

Uh-oh...last year I made the kids a christmas stocking each. They are a bit patchwork, a bit felt, a few jingle bells (so they could hear santa filling them) not!, and the kids love them.
Well, they already have their stockings out. . . first week of November. Veda went on an excursion to the post office last week and saw the big bag where all the letters for santa go. And then apparently the postmen or postwomen know where to deliver it. Wow! Murray thought that maybe the elves come to collect the mail after dark. Very exciting! They haven't played the wrap everything in the house-up game yet. Although its a game they play usually...not just at Christmas time. How Amelie especially loves to wrap presents. Then she covers them in spotty stickers and gives the presents..usually to Veda.
Firstly we will have our holiday at the beach and then we can let the Christmas fun begin.

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kelly said...

manda scrolling through some earlier years of your blog, and I saw this.. amelie and her squishy baby feet..
beautiful.... xoxoxo and kids grow so quickly