the 2500 km holiday

above: a beautiful merry go round in canberra
So we have returned from what was meant to be a relaxing holiday at the beach.

Here we are living on an extremely dry piece of land...and we get to the beach and it pours rain. It was freezing cold. I appreciate that the weather seems to be getting very upset with the way humans are treating earth...but really.. some sunshiney days for our holiday is not a huge ask is it? That wasn't really the problem truthfully anyway. We were searching for something that we probably couldn't find anywhere. The kids though. They had a great time. Of course..because that's one of the cool things about being a kid. You don't worry about all the stuff.You let go. You find every pillow and cushion in the house and you build yourself a new house.

So we are home. And it is so hot. The garden fried while we were gone. Milly and Spotty our cats almost fried too. We got home just in time to love them back to health (I'm hoping).

Sindri has taught himself how to count big started with the speed signs we saw on our holiday. Yesterday for the first time he said..Oh so nan nan lives at we pulled up at her house. He feels so clever. It makes me smile :-)

Tonight I henna - ed my foot. mehndi. Oh my god I love it. Henna on my body that is. The design well it started off indian looking and ended up australian bush flowers. Which may be the flower essences I'm taking, manifesting into a henna design on my foot. hee hee silly me.

I'm going to bed it's 10 to 1am. goodnight.

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