KCWC day 1

Amelie and Rosie (our beautiful dog friend) 
This morning I have driven the kids to school, called in and brought art supplies for my homeschooling girl and elastic for KCWC makings, and more magic iron paper for my other project. I have dragged homeschooling girl around the farm in her new wheelbarrow cart, collecting sticks and wood for our fire. I then helped her make the fire in our kitchen fireplace, left the room for 5 minutes and found her toasting herself some marshmallows at 10am when I returned!
Then it was time to sew. Outside we went to my studio. I always wish it was joined to our house. Maybe I could build a strawbale tunnel ?  Amelie drew shapes, played piano and played with my old tape player which had a tape from my rave-going years. ohhh the memories hahaha..... so there I was making a pair of linen shorts, with left over fabric from a dress I made myself the other day, whilst reminiscing about the mischief I used to get up to. 

And ta-da....they took me maybe 20 minutes. I made the pattern up. I had plans of cute scallop type shapes hanging all the way around the hem, but after making 2  scallopy shapes I opted for the pocket.  Cute.. And not practical, for we are in autumn on our way to winter, but my girl, she loves to wear shorts. alone, or under dresses, or in cooler weather, over leggings. She tried them on so I could take a photo and they are still on. That's a very good sign. Day 1 ::: success !

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molly said...

These are fantastic! Love the linen, love the tabs (and the sensibility behind re-assessing :)

I'm thinking shorts are in our future. Thanks for sharing