saying sayonara

the year is almost over
today i drove to echuca
it was a hell trip
i was so relieved to be home again. i wont go into more details....they are miserable.
going out into the wider world these days feels like visiting some remote crazy made up jungle
it leaves me feeling happy and happier to be living on our farm
if we were self sufficient i would be a lot more peaceful
but youve got to have things to strive for yes?
farmer boy is sitting next to me laughing at a stupid movie he borrowed
weve been having a movie fest each night for the last few nights
tonight he chose and hes borrowed a movie with ashton kutcher who is a little dopey in my opinion...or he plays dopey well.
tonight my same lovely boy walked in with a bunch of flowering fluoro orange gum blossoms
i asked him to marry me there and then
he knows how to make me happy
im happy a new year is starting very very soon
it feels like we get to try again, do more of all the things we like and less of the crappy bits
but really i think we dont have a lot of say in the end.
well i might go join my boy in laughing at this silliness.....natalie portman is in it too and shes fun to watch....otherwise the christmas tree is still twinkling in the corner for one more night.... i can look at it.


kelly said...

No strings attached lol..that's the movie....yes??...if it is...then I agree with's funny :-)))..I need to sleep more...that's going to be my new years resolution, what's yours....xx??

manda said...

yes thats the was okay....i liked one day, more...have you seen that? sleep more would be nice for you x