colour me happy

i love that christmas brings (even more) colour and sparkle and different smells into our home.
today we made the pinata for the family christmas party. initially it was going to be white with red sequins and a big bow. it ended up being more our style.
the other day i made caramel fudge and almond bread for the first time. the almond bread is delicious and i really liked making it. the fudge...was more painful (so much stirring/and so much sugar) and it turned out too soft for me...though my farmer boy loves it, as does sindri-sweet tooth.
today amelie threaded pom pom after pom pom onto thread. it was a nice way to spend a day, making necklaces and lengths of colourful sparkly pom poms that match our pinata perfectly. christmas party jewellery i think .


kelly said...

That piƱata is beautiful.. :-))) kids told me you and ammie dropped some love hearts on the ground and they picked some up because they were the lucky winners...
:-))) are awesome!,.p.s your tree is

melindatrees said...

so prettty and joyful.xx

dear olive said...

Sweet decorations! Kellie xx