amelie decided to snitch all the extra bits of wood from her daddys shed, bring them to our front verandah, sit there all day, one sunny spring day, and hammer to her hearts content, until she had mastered hammering nails.

i went out in the afternoon and came home to find she had made me a M. i really love so many things about it.

this morning rosie woke me at 5am with her protective barking antics. which would be fine if there was actually something out there to bark at other than cows. or possums.

i decided to stay awake, which i may think was a bad decision by about lunch time.

i got to see the morning wake up and at one moment i looked up and saw the golden light shining on my M.

soon my three sleeping kids will wander out into the morning. two more days and we are on holidays. now that is a happy thought.

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oh sweet are