this last week has been as sweet as the plum tree blossoming in our garden.

we have had the joy and excitement of a beautiful japanese exchange student -Haruna- staying with our family as part of a school visit with Veda's high school.

in one week we have come to love this sweet girl who has come from a culture so different to our own. she had much to giggle about and think/say what the? like sindri smothering his rice in butter....i was thinking of her family and especially her mother, sending her daughter to a far away unknown place...she's only 13 years old. she really did become part of our family in that short time. i think it was meant to be. we all learnt so much. we spoke a funny blend of japanese/english/sign language filled with much laughter in between. She swooned over the cats and ended up sleeping with one miss coco cat, despite our initial worries that she said she was allergic to animal hair! and dust!!

today she left for the long journey home... there were many many tears. the japanese students didnt want to leave. and we didnt want her to leave so soon. i hope she returns to japan knowing how much we loved having her in our home. and i hope this is a beginning of something new for each of us. a seed planted.

i feel a little lost now. full of love. a bit of sad. a knowing that we are all connected. i totally believe in fate. or destiny.

last night an angel saved me in the dark of the night. on the way home from the farewell party in farm land... he literally appeared out of nowhere and changed my flat tyre for me. it made me feel like a guardian angel is travelling life with me. i like that feeling. and then at midnight we taught Haruna how to knit. in around under off. over and over. and first thing this morning i find her in bed doing just that. lets hope she remembers when she gets home.

so now its just us 5 again....hmmm...whats next i wonder.

** i wrote this kids are all home re-energising and Haruna will be back with her family by now :)

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kelly said...

sooo whats next for manda??? now your visitor has gone...some painting????? holidays are in 4 weeks yippeeeee....:-)