on saturday

i woke up at around 10am grumpy because i slept all spaz because amelie was in my bed all night again. she owes me a hundred neck massages my sweet little bed hopping brat.
a strong coffee and a phone call from my big girls friend asking if she wanted to come over fixed my bad start to the morning a little.
a walk outside into the sunshine and a big deep breath of that crispy morning air helped too.
and a good morning from our rosie puppy who is almost a one year old. i guess shes a dog. not a pup. shes a big sweetie pie. ive never known a sweet dog. only little vicious ones.
the sunshine kept me outside most of the day. i mowed lawn and pulled weeds and chopped plants and tied some up and rediscovered my garden. i havent done this for a long time. she was happy i was out there loving her.
then i made a fire. how i love a fire on a saturday afternoon.
the kids cooked marshmallows and the dogs and cats and calves mooed and meowed and ran around crazy . rosie smoooched up with melinda. cuteness.
later i picked up the big girl , and some chinese takeaway for dinner. and then i wasted two hours trying to get my computer to behave because she is being such a pain in the butt lately. . . freezing screens on me left right and centre. .. sometimes i hear myself speak and i wonder where did i learn to speak like that.
anyway,.. i shouldnt be speaking i should be sleeping.
i'll go read some more of my book in bed....animal vegetable miracle.... i skip over bits of it and in the other bits i dream a little more about how i want my garden to grow and then i get itchy feet thinking i dont want to live on this speck on earth....surely theres other places... grass is greener over there type thoughts....and then i have our baby girl in our bed from midnight onwards and i wake up with a stiff neck.
oh gosh. maybe i should have a pandadol before bed. or a shot of whisky :-O and thats right, waiting for the chinese food i snuck into the supermarket and they had a little tree i have 15 little natives to plant tomorrow and the kids are going to help me. with dragging feet probably. nothing a fire and marshmallows cant fix.
goodnight . i hope you wake up refreshed and happy :-)

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