i have to write this so i remember it one day in the future. sindri makes me smile , like this did, most days. i boiled a pot full of eucalyptus leaves and then dunked some pieces of fabric in it, hoping for some magic. the kids didnt like the smell so much, i wondered at times whether i was poisoning us all, ....then tonight sindri comes to see whats happening in the pot as i stirred and poked it. i picked up a brownish piece of fabric from the eucalyptus soup with some tongs. sindri says..."do you like that colour? it looks like coke a cola. thats a shame after all your hard work. you dont even like coke a cola. " maybe overnight some more magic will happen and in the morning i will find a more interesting colour in my pot than coke a cola.

ive spent the day trying to find my camera memory card and i still cant find it and its a pain. so i resorted to taking photos with my ipod. but i cant find it either.- amelie usually hijacks it. but its missing too. and so i cant show you the fun ive been having with a hammer, flowers and fabric. so much fun. sindri said " its good you found a new hobby" . you know when kids have a fever or are really sick,.. when they get better they seem like they have changed in some way? well thats what we have noticed. well something has shifted in sindri. he seems to be shining through a little clearer/brighter. maybe the fever unblocked something in him? maybe im overanalysing or have a big imagination that im not using enough.. no but really...i think its true.
anyway. see you tomorrow, hopefully with some photos.

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melindatrees said...

i think the colour is a good thing about coke.