nearly ten and home again

in two more sleeps Sindri will be ten years old. double digits. a light saber and a perfect circle. thats his cake. maybe a big donut and a light saber for my star wars / lego loving boy. its a very strange thing that last friday he woke up so very sick and ended up in hospital that night. we then spent the weekend in there. listening to machines beeping. nurses scuffling in and out and around the place. and watching fluids drip into Sindri hoping he was going to get well quickly so he could get out of that place quickly. he said the drip machine sounded like his cat coco purring...thats how he managed to sleep with it beside him the whole time i think.

i had a lot of time to think. whilst watching my boy sleep :: i really admire nurses. i love night time and being awake at night. i think i would like a night shift job. i actually like hospitals for some reason i havent gotten to yet... because really, that doesnt make sense. i was a little frustrated that i couldnt feed him some proper food, although that frustration continued at home when he kept squinching up his nose at my attempts at a half healthy soup. brat. i had to strain it and he drank the liquid. i like to believe that soup holds the essence of what was cooking in there.

and so now we are home. its truely autumn, almost winter. my house smells so eucalyptussy its delicious. Sindri has kindly passed the bug onto Amelie. Hes feeling much better and Amelie is feeling a little worse but shes fighting it. Ive woken with a blocked nose, and Veda...shes the biggest and strongest of us all. Alot like her so many different ways.

I have no idea where the card is out of my camera. It was on the couch before i went to hospital....and now its gone. A kitten may have eaten it. who knows. speaking of the furry creatures. I really need to get at least two of them out of my house this week. they are insane. and insanity is contagious.

today im going to try to empty sindris room and do the makeover i often do when its their birthdays. he and amelie can lay like broccoli on the couch...or maybe i will lay with them.

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Kate said...

What a scary end to your precious boy's single digits. Poor family. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration and the happiest of happy birhdays. x