me in my new ugg boots that are luxurious compared to my old ones... and my hiding honeybunch boy at the market

raspberry jam mmmmm

beautiful coloured quince jelly

im not sure what has happened to me, but i find myself cooking all sorts of things i have never cooked or made. and not only that, but i get really excited about it. it started with quince jelly , then i managed to find a cup and a half of raspberries on the bushes that we hadnt eaten, so i googled a jam recipe...and about ten minutes later i had the most delicious jar of raspberry jam. i was so excited i rang my mum. then on the weekend i went and picked three lemons and made a lemon tart. it wasnt the most perfect lemon tart ive ever tasted....but still yum. and then i had frozen strawberries from summer in the freezer so i made some strawberry icecream! i dont get excited about cooking dinner because my three kids all have different tastes and two are fussssy...and by dinner time i cant be bothered.....

so this kind of cooking is fun cooking....and picking food out of the garden and then making something delicious, oh its a cool thing.

mothers day was a beautiful autumn day spent at the local farmers market with my sisters and mum and kids and my farmer boy. that was nice. i have a new appreciation for the jam makers there and i have a little dream in my head about doubling my raspberry crop next summer and making lots of jam and having a cute little stall. that would be fun. i have lots of dreams though.

today i planted lots of garlic and the kids stayed home from school so that we could have a long weekend because two days just isnt long enough.

i have piles of fabric ready to make a quilt for my bed and we have lots of trees ready to plant on the farm and im getting excited about the fruit trees we will plant when its time. today i considered buying a pine nut tree so i can make pesto all summer with my basil. oh yum. and pine nuts are so craazy expensive.

i wish i was rich enough to solar power our whole farm right now. but thats something thats going to have to wait. call me crazy but im thinking we need a big greenhouse so that nasty things like pesticides from surrounding farms and who day it could be radiation, falling on on our vegies. ive been reading a whole lot of scary stuff....

..and now i must go attempt to feed the kids some delicious lentils. what is their problem, or more to the point, what have i created.

.and then i will try to relax in front of the warm fire whilst 5 kittens prance around the place like its their palace. they are very entertaining but are getting bigger and more at home each day. i really didnt want 5 more cats!

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