so the autumn leaves are coming, the kids are walking around wrapped in blankets, the kittens are forever being snuggled in someones arms-they are irresistible, the kittens run around the house kind of like playful kids...just tiny fluffy ones, the heater needs wood and we dont have a pile ready, the farm has water and mud everywhere making life difficult for my farmer boy-the cows and for our trip in and out -down that crazy slippery dip driveway, our days are all the more sweeter with melinda and hana still here and not in japan. hana is the little sister amelie never got but now has, and melinda and me often speak the same words at the same time. japan is still shaking and the radiation keeps silently slipping into the atmosphere. its so worrying.

but we did get to celebrate melindas birthday with her for the first time in a long time...and easter is soon so i wont have to send easter eggs across the oceans and hope they get there...remember last year? ..and its holidays, which means we now officially dont have to anything or go anywhere. ... . aaaahh so nice. although next week we will go to melbourne to play with cousins and have a city adventure...oh and amelie-our 7 year old plus one day girl..wants to go ice skating desperately. she forgets when she was about 4 and we went. . so we'll try do that too. the garden is calling me to plant some vegies..the felt i have is calling me to stitch it, the mice scuffling around are calling me to catch them,,, and the couch is calling me to sit on it. first i must go find some wood. .. . x x-


melindatrees said...

i will steal you some wood :-)

manda said...

:-) thanks