ive written a few blog stories....but theyve all ended up saved in drafts. they really belong in my diary which i dont write any has been a little crazy lately. crazy probably not the right word, but just intense. my sister came home from japan safely, my mums blood pressure was ready to shoot up to the stars and maybe im feeling earths energy. japan leaves me so sad and worried each time i read or see or think about it. . . but yesterday was a nice saturday. i saw two of my favourite girls, melinda and hana-who are here with us, which is very very nice... and then my mum popped over to see the 6!! kittens we have rescued and are loving and will hopefully find homes for if the kids (and me) can ever let them go.....annnd then last night veda cooked us dinner as a project for her cooking class at school. she made bruschetta and ricotta gnocchi and apple crumble and oh my gosh it was delicious! really it was the best gnocchi we have ever eaten! she was so happy with herself ,which is a relief because oh my god the rollercoaster of being 12......and then last night i lay in bed with the kids watching a movie while a kitten snuggled with us...little black gigi ..yes we have a favourite and possible new member of the clan.... and then in the middle of the night amelie returned to our bed really scared that someone was going to steal her. poor ammie. so happy its sunday and its sunny and im a little scared of the garden because melinda saw a snake in the tomato patch the other day which was so funny but freakkkky too. we have to go to a lunch time party today which i cant be bothered but we will go because we probably should. blah. and then i would like to return to my cosy warm bed. but im probably dreaming about that bit. bye x

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