my little kids are not so little anymore

last night i got onto our other computer because my cord on my laptop finally died after being sticky taped together for a long time. i went to pictures, and found all of our photos dating from 2006! 5 years of photos! oh our babies, and all of those memories. how they have grown. how much we have lived and loved and laughed and enjoyed together. how we (me and muzz) have aged!
ive backed up the photos onto a usb and the next job is to get some photos printed. we all love to look in photo albums and have a good giggle. silly digital cameras. good. but not good .


melindatrees said...

glad you have them backed up!
funny today i started finally to put some photos in an album for hana and promised her i would collect all those for printing off my computer tonight! weird.

John said...

oh my...those squishy arms of ammies make me goosey..how beautiful x

Loretta said...

So quickly the grow, don't i know it. xx