today i picked amelie up from school early. she is still not so well...we're up to week 5 now. shes not really sick apart from a cough that wont completely go. shes just not sparkly.not herself. and wants and loves me more than ever. school is exhausting for her. and really, she doesnt need to be there. so i picked her up before lunch and off we went to see some pups we have been spying on for a little while. the cutest english setter pups i have ever seen. we have been talking about the yays and nays of whether we want a dog in our family, having always been a cat only family. and i think the time had come. and today was the day. so in a rather spontaneous manner, amelie and i not only went to see the pups, but we chose one and brought her home with us. she sat on amelies knee in the car and amelie was happy in a way i havent seen her before. she couldnt believe what had just happened.
she then wanted to stay home because she felt like she wasnt alone and her pup would protect her! while i went to get the kids. luckily farmer boy was nearby so that worked. i managed to not say a word or a clue about any wonderful surprise waiting at home to the kids. number one on vedas birthday wish list (she'll be 12 on the weekend ) is a dog. it has been for years....since she was probably 5. the kids got to the front door, muzz opened it and told them they might want to put their bags and stuff down...and sindri said oh you got a dog didnt you...and out walked amelie with puppy. oh the look on their faces was one i will remember forever. veda danced and jumped with excitement. pure joy.
we are all in love with her already. the cats...not so much in love with her. poor coco....her tail bushed up and she did the arched back jump across the floor when she saw her. that was so hilarious. poor coco. hopefully they will all become friends soon.
how i am going to get the kids to school tomorrow i dont know .... and the birthday on the weekend will be puppy centred i think.
somehow i have deleted photos of her off my camera...there will be more tomorrow im guessing..
goodnight. lets hope she sleeps all night :-)

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