mmmm i smell cannelloni cooking in the oven. sindri just declared that tonight he's going to try some cannelloni because it smells yum. yay! go sindri. its only taken 9 years for me to hear him say im going to try something ..lets hope it tastes yum too ( i forgot to put egg yolks in.) woops.
im excited about tomorrows election. which is strange. but im really hoping that the greens give the major parties a good kicking up the behind and get some more say.
im slowly collecting seeds to plant. ive been ordering off the internet late at night and then i forget what ive ordered. i thought i had carrot seeds coming, but so far ive got giant sunflowers, sweet capsicum and hot thai chilli. funny combination. clearly i need to do some more seed collecting.
id better go check the oven.


melindatrees said...

i hope he liked it?

manda said...

he didn't. but at least he tried it. too tomatoey saucy for him. but now he wants to try lasagne. trying is good :-)