friday night

these two couldnt be any more in love with each other. Sindri and Coco. every night they snuggle up together(all night) and then during the day Coco may or may not give someone else in the house some of her depends what mood she's in, the brat cat.
my mum is slowing feeling better :-) we arent sure what it was..or if it is gone. she doesnt like doctors, which makes it hard to get an idea of what it was. she had one night in hospital which freaked the pants off all of us kids...and her too, because the next day she was out of there no matter what. im hoping and wishing that she just keeps getting stronger and sparklier. this morning she was looking more like herself with her fluffy white hair that drives her crazy :-)
today i was a couch potato most of the day....after i got the kids to school an HOUR late. ohhh its hard some days to get out of my warm bed...and to get the kids out of theirs... today was one of those days. my energy is drained. and i need a massage on my stiff shoulders. amelie gave me some squeezes with her little 6 year old hands but it didnt quite do it, even though i loved it. so im happy its friday night. im happy that today i found some really beautiful old library books at the op shop for 50 cents each. beautiful ones that were waiting for me im sure. and for amelie my little book worm. i love having three book worms in our house. and i love the way amelie sticks pictures on the walls in random places. she also decided to draw me a picture on my bedroom wall the other day. when i later found it i told her i LOVED it....there amongst the kids other pictures and creations. its only a wall after all. i love that our home lets the kids and us be free. the mess annoys me of course....but im good at not seeing it.
anyway i could chatter on some more but i should get some sleep. my sister is coming up to visit mum and us tomorrow. i hope she wears her gumboots-not that she would own gumboots :-) love 2 u x x x

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Kate said...

Hey Miss Manda,
We are doing a HUGE cleanup before we go away next week and I have come accross an old pair of Gorman fisherman pants. I know you have a thing for her stuff and these could practicaly be called vintage. Let me know if you want them and I'll pop them in the post to you. Have a great day. X