i love how when sindri is so sad, like today when he was jumping with his sisters and (wild) cousin with sleeping bags on the trampoline and fell off the trampoline-first time ever.. and really really cried - more from the shock than hurt, that after all my hugging (and me having a silent panic attack that he had hurt his back or broken a shoulder) , he asked for coco (our cat and his best friend) and he got into my bed with her. that was his feel better remedy. oh how they love our bed.
i also love that when sindri was on the ground crying, amelie started sobbing her eyes out because she completely adores her brother and is such a sensitive big sweetheart. if anyone she loves is hurt it almost literally breaks her heart.
do i need to tell you again how much i love having them home? so much.
they do refuse to go to sleep until wayyy too late though. right now- amelie and sindri in my bed chattering. 10.02 pm. oh goodness...somehow i need to get us all up and out the door by 9am tomorrow. not sure how im going to do it. an alarm may be needed.
but now im off to give my attention to Pretty Woman on t.v , one of my all time fave movies. i still know most of the words and richard gere ooh la la heheeeee........

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melindatrees said...

george negus? and richard gere, i see a connection there :-)
sindri ammie ♡