sunday farmer market love

today ......i went to our local farmers market and i saw a lady with her trailer load of oranges, weighing and bagging them there
i also saw a trailer load of beautiful pumpkins for $1 each! i would have brought 1 or 2 but we have a pile here already
i tasted some freshly cooked rhubarb..and took home some of her rhubarb and raspberry jam that she grows and makes. her rhubarb stall was beautiful.
i collected two knitted water bottle covers from an old lady who is seriously sweet if thats possible.the kids loved them, after sindri did the rub on his feet test to see how soft they were!
and then i chose a box full of little trees to plant..
the minor problem with that is i dont quite remember which tree is what..making planting them a bit tricky. im getting good at knowing the leaves though. i like that. and the smell of my fingers after rubbing the leaves...delicious eucalyptus mmmmmmm.....
i came home so happy.
the rest of the day i spent outside getting dirt on my hands. when i went inside for a rest i played briscolla cards (an italian card game with special cards) with sindri. i taught him and my farmer boy to play yesterday. l o v e. every time i see sindri he has the cards in his hands ready for another game. so so cute. how i wish my dad was here so we could all play together.
i loved this sunday.


melindatrees said...

cool, ill play with sindri.
rhubarb stall! would have loved to have seen that.
are the hazelnuts there yet?

manda said...

yes you would have loved the rhubarb stall...havent seen hazelnuts yet..chestnuts and walnuts yes x