painting and hulahooping to blackeyed peas tunes all day
got holes in roof fixed
trapped the ducks in their pen all day until they escaped at 6pm felt guilty that they were trapped in the first place..but do you know how much ducks poo? a very lot. and they have to do it near my back door. not funny. but when they are standing at the back door looking at me through the glass....they are so cute, making me forgive them for all their pooping.
wore two layers of wool so that i didnt freeze to death
loved that the kids were still asleep at 9am
found more video of our kids when they were much littler
decided tomorrow is THe day to make movies with the kids
how could you not love holidays?


melindatrees said...

oh its so nice just like that isnt it.

Jodie said...

So true, I grew up on a afrm and ducks just love to come and poo at the doorway!