today we celebrate our gorgeous boys 9th birthday.

he's a unique, magical boy. and so much more. we're having a beautiful sunny autumn day at home together. tomorrow he parties (goes bowling and pizza eating) with his friends.
these next few days we spend our last moments with our beautiful cat spotty. he's seriously not well and on monday we must say goodbye. which of course, sucks.
life. huff and sigh and smile.


Loretta said...

Sindri, beautiful 9 year old, have a great time at your party. x x x
Ammy, Veda, Sindri, Sis & Muz, bigs hugs.. Love you all.. x x x x

beck said...

Happy, sad, beautiful life. I hope your big boy 9 has a wondeful day. Sorry about Spotty who looks like such a well loved cat, it's hard to lose our special mates isn't it?
But good to have those last few days with him, take care xo

melindatrees said...

oh huffing with you over here.and your photo makes me smile.your beautiful kids and that you have enough huff to blow