hello may

upside down on our new trapeze. kids are part monkey im sure.
.. ive been reading this book that my sister told me about a year or two? ago.... i found it by chance in an op shop. it actually nearly jumped off the shelf to me. really. i recommend you read it. it confirms what i already believe.. but to hear it again in a clear loud voice is good. and confronting. and scary too.
we are lucky to have this land, our farm. now we just need to power our place with the sun, off the grid, and get our own water source . it now feels like we need to make a sanctuary here for our family. the last place i would like to be living now is in the city.
so anyway while im reading this book....which i dont do often books that is...
the kids are interested in what im reading and the fact that i am reading myself a book.. and they are dreaming up their own plans of chooks and vegie gardens and produce stalls at the local farmers market :-) they are little sensitive.
so ive been planting fruit trees, there are plans for chooks and more vegie gardens, while the kids are really not wanting to be at school..more than usual...
i just keep sending them...for now. i went to amelies class last week to do some more making with them. seriously, prep kids are so precious. their innocence is intoxicating.
i finally fixed my overlocker so tonight there was some secret sewing action for a little baby due to arrive in june. and one more thing....i wish these flies would just go away. they are disgusting little creatures and there are so many of them right now. urgh. im going to get the fly swatter. goodnight. x


Kate said...

I love the new trapeze. We have the same one hanging in our lounge room but after seeing yours, I think ours needs a bit of jazzing up.
The book sounds fab!
We have a lot of those plans in action already but still we are talking about pulling it all back and just being self sufficient without the costs of driving to Melbourne to deliver to restaraunts and farmers markets. Let me know if you need any bits of knowledge that we might have. X

angelina said...

an outdoor stage~!
i love it

melindatrees said...

you are soo lucky to have land :-)
and that backyard looks so great.

pictures eat people said...

this all sounds so lovely...home really is about sanctuary isn't it?! i love that trapeze too. i would go bonkers on something like that if i were a kid...well, i probably still would now.

hey, if your into playing a wordweek game i've got one going over at my blog. the word to represent/ interpret is "story" anyone can play x