one more sleep
i spoke to veda on the phone for a minute the other morning
she sounded so happy and grown up ...that was a relief and slightly panic am i going to be when she wants to travel further for longer as she gets older? im not ready.
in the mean time i have spent my day planting poppies and parsley and oregano and granny bonnets. i pulled out weeds and replaced them with seedlings. .... now they had better hurry up and grow before the weeds come back. speaking of growing it was 29 degrees today. so hot for autumn
tomorrow we are making a cake for our girl.
my making of anything fabric is being hampered by the fact that my new overlocker has come unthreaded and im too impatient to sit down and give it some of my time--like i have a shortage of it in the day time. i need new clothes. so i will make peace with the overlocker soon.
we have a four day long weekend. so perfectly nice. if i had my caravan we could have gone away in it. im still looking :)

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