Rushworth is a sweet town

we had a fun day in Rushworth on Saturday ... the kids learnt to juggle spinning sticks, they also learnt what a homemade toffee is...we watched a cool parade small country town style, with some awesome old trucks and beautiful horses... Veda was drooling at the horses and farmer boy mentioned how I could have entered my Sunliner caravan in the parade- that would be the one I don't have! waaaah!
and now here we are its Easter Sunday. we've been so busy pulling our backyard to pieces and then laying some luscious green grass. .. . Easter has snuck up on us. I never knew how nice it would be to have a big flat piece of grass. to look at tree shadows on . to walk(run) on with bare feet. the sand pit has new sand after being weed ridden for years. its nice nice nice.
i have blisters on my hands and my farmer boy is back in bed exhausted. my body was so tired after two days of digging and lifting....he must need a year to rest his weary body.
its a perfect autumn day....and its school holidays...and there is way too much chocolate in our house...and some red parrots visited me this morning.
happy easter x


melindatrees said...

toffees, gosh that photo took me back 25years gulp.
what is that lady doing? moving puppetshow?

manda said...

i know...i was so excited to see toffees..some little boys were selling them. and yep..cutest mobile puppet show.