Lovely Mail

well I was thinking that my pin cushion may be in the mail and so each day as i drove (around the block a few kilometres usually on the way back from dropping the kids off at school) i was a little excited to open our old rusty milk can letter box to hopefully find a parcel instead of bills.
well on this day i figured we were late for school anyway so we went to the letter box before school.
and the parcel was waiting inside for me. happy happy happy. i sat there in the car unwrapping and giggling and the kids soaked up the joy of what had happened. we were very late for school, but the kids had learnt alot right there in the car already.
isnt my pin cushion the coolest? an egg carton! so clever! with beautiful pins!
lovely Jo from Violet and Rose made it and wrapped it so beautifully. she also sent presents for the kids with a very sweet note.
I love swapping. And kindness.
Thankyou again Jo :-)


Sally said...

Isn't that the most amazing pin cushion? So stunning.
Lucky you :)

Violet and Rose said...

So happy it arrived and even happier that you enjoyed it so much.

Kate said...

I love that one. I have a feeling its going to be very happy at yours.