holiday talk

henley beach was ours for an afternoon. just the sounds of the waves. a picnic lunch from the nearby bakery. i obviously wore too many clothes (as i often do)..
our trip to adelaide already feels like a nice dream.
it was a long drive getting there. it was slow moving while we were there because sindri wasnt so well and my shoulder was so stiff i couldnt move fast. the sun shined some days for our beach visits. other days the beach was covered in shells and rocks for us to play with. (and take a few home). ok..more then a few... and amelie brought a bucket of sand home.
we visited the pandas at the zoo...not as thrilling as it might have been. we found a gacha machine in a shopping centre which was a highlight for the kids (+me) brought back sweet japan memories .
my birthday was sweet..the kids were so excited like it was there own. i got a new super dooper camera to go on adventures with...and wii fit to fix my shoulder (says sindri)
the kids love the camera too and today we tried the wii fit game...its surprisingly fun. it may just trick me into exercising.
we came home to our luscious green garden/jungle. its been a long time since i have been able to use those words in one sentence. its a shame the weeds grow quicker than the plants i love. maybe i need to love weeds. or get better at killing them.
this weekend is the farmers market. im going to go plant shopping. so exciting. i told you i love autumn. i can actually get my shovel to dig into the soil.
and march 17th is sweet pea planting day i was reminded today... im sure ive got some seeds somewhere. i love sweet peas. plant and human variety.
speaking of sweet sister sent me a beautiful bag for my birthday....coming home to exciting mail is so fun.
well im off to another birthday dinner. march is full of birthdays..and so is april..and then may......


melindatrees said...

ahh looks quiet.

melindatrees said...

ps, your hair is a very nice auburn!