february 1st

first day at school for Amelie.
first day by myself for me.
i hope she is ok.
i hope veda and sindri are ok.
i wonder what i will do with all this quiet. and time.
maybe i will plant a lot of trees.
maybe i will print fabric.
i know i will miss them terribly.
4 more hours until i pick them up from school.
now farmer boy has gone back to work.
and i am really alone at home.
except for spotty cat.
he likes to meow loudly.
hmmm....i wonder what i will do now...
i wonder what they are doing now.
maybe i will just type words on my computer to distract myself from myself.
oh oh.
lets hope i dont go crazy.
time to go do something.
see you tomorrow.
happy day to you x


KeLLy MummA said...

i'll distract you from thinking, almost time for us to be "ladies who lunch"....c u soon :-)

melindatrees said...


beck said...

This time next year I will be like you are today! Hope the day went well and that you weren't too lonely. I bet the house seemed quiet. Your little sweetie looks so gorgeous & grown up. I bet she'll have a lot to tell you tonight xo

Loretta said...

Ammmmmie, You look like such a big girl, I hope you had the VERY best day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Manda.... Wow, befiore you know it you will be 45 with adult children.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jodie said...

I hope she had a wonderful day !

KeLLy MummA said...

im waiting for your post a day?? lol xxx