clouds are cool

yesterday the kids and i escaped to bendigo. i saw it with different eyes. i love this house. i snapped a photo while stopped at the trafic lights. we stocked up on Primo incense-my favourite, and then we ripsticked, scootered and walked around the lake. even the lake was so nice. sometimes it has no energy about it but this day it was full of water and so green and the trees were shady and seemed happy. maybe because im feeling so unsettled again, anywhere else i visit will seem like the place i want to be. this week we are off to Adelaide to breathe some sea air. i feel another place on my -i want to move to -list.

we are all happily distracted by charlie and lola dvds and amelie love them, so do veda and sindri secretly..the stories are sweet and the kids often run off midway to make something.

there's been a lot of paper patchwork going on. some with secret messages hidden under flaps. should make pancakes today.

we woke to an awesome sound and light show from mother nature today. huge thunder crashes and pouring rain - 30mm to all those farmers reading my blog hehee... thats over an inch, fantastic! and lightning...which im a little scared of. but the thunder...i love.
mmm i smell popcorn popping .........


melindatrees said...

charlie and lola inspired making.sweet.xxxand bendigo, drool.

beck said...

I love your posts Manda, they are always so atmospheric and beautifully flavoured by you & your family. I adore the patchwork pictures with their secrets, how clever & pretty. Hope you have fun in Adelaide xo